We are thrilled to announce our distributor agreement with leading US-based premium pet products manufacturer, 3TBrands, to supply two of its best-selling, ultra safety-focused brands for the UK’s thriving dog toy and accessory category.

Leveraging the ongoing trend of humanising pets, with pet parents prioritising the safety, wellbeing and happiness of their beloved companions, this new partnership sees independent pet retailers and pet parents in the UK gain access to 3TBrands’ premium dog toys and beds. With its 90-year heritage of manufacturing baby products to the highest safety standards, the introduction of 3TBrands’ best-selling Tall Tails and Original Territory pet brands will create a compelling safety and durability-focused proposition for the UK market.  

This new partnership will see us introduce Tall Tails and Original Territory safety focused, pet products including balls, plush and occupier toys, as well as a range of beds. Delivering “A Toy for Every Tail™” and “Bedding for all Dreamers™”, the new product line-up includes the award-winning Tall Tails’ ‘Gold Standard’ Yeti Plush Dog Toy, comforting Cuddle bed, Animated and Sport Dog collections and Original Territory’s squeak, fetch, tug and award-winning 2-in-1 toys.

3TBrands ensures the durability of its products through its choice of materials and designs as well as its manufacturing techniques using, for example, a layer of double-reinforced mesh on the inside of all plush toys and natural rubber rather than synthetic for its crosslink molecular structure that is harder to penetrate.

Commenting on the announcement, our Chief Executive Officer, Claire Bayliss, said: “Celebrating 50 years of pet sector expertise, our continued success in selling distributor partner products makes us a natural choice for global brands looking to sell into the UK market.  We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with 3TBrands to bring these exciting and innovative dog toys and accessories ranges to pet parents this side of the Atlantic. 3TBrands’ heritage in baby and child accessories manufacturing, now applied to pet care, offers a distinctive and compelling proposition for UK pet retailers.”

The new products will be available in the UK from June 2024.