Our People.

At the heart of our company are our people, and we strive to always give them the best colleague experience.

We promise to provide all of our colleagues with access to L&D, empowering them to reach their maximum potential. We are proud that at least 80% of our team feels free to be their authentic selves in the workplace.

We want to ensure all of our colleagues are happy in the workplace, and we are actively working towards a goal where, by 2025, a minimum of 90% of our colleagues genuinely feel happy, appreciated, and valued in their roles.

We operate in a responsible way, guaranteeing high standards of governance. Our values ensure we do the right things, in the right way for our colleagues, customers, investors and communities.

Our Planet.

By 2030, our vision is to pioneer a responsible pet care ecosystem, with sustainability at its core.

At least 98% of discarded packaging is already recycled at our Nottinghamshire facility, but we are aiming even higher and by 2025, we also pledge that a minimum of 80% of our own brand packaging will be either recyclable or sustainable.

We’re elevating our network standards, with the expectation that by 2025, all our key partners will be able to showcase a robust ESG focus.

We are determined to achieve net zero emissions in our own operations by 2030 and extend that commitment to reach net zero across the board by 2040. It’s a journey of responsibility, and we’re dedicated to every step.

Our Pet Community.

Our aim is to provide ongoing support for pets and their pet parent.

Every one of our Pets & Friends stores are firmly rooted within their local communities, actively supporting pet health and wellbeing.

We empower everyone within the Kennelpak family to make a tangible difference, encouraging them to volunteer with one of our charitable partners.

And for the newest, tiniest members of the Pets & Friends family? Every single one of our puppy and kitten parents is provided with immediate access to expert advice and guidance, ensuring they have the knowledge and confidence to nurture their pets, no matter where they are.